Chimney Sweep & Fireplace Cleaning

All chimneys should be inspected annually and swept as necessary. As chimney sweep professionals, we also check other components of your home’s fireplace system. We look for visible damage, structural design problems, signs of deterioration and check proper clearances for the appliance and venting system. We advise you on fire safety, proper maintenance and habit […]

Dryer Vent Sweep & Cleaning

Dryer vents should be inspected as often as your chimney, which is once a year according to the National Fire Protection Agency. We recommend that dryer vents be cleaned at the same time as well, since the it is much more cost effective. The length of time between dryer vent cleanings depends on the length […]

Chimney and Fireplace Inspections

The inspection of a chimney is important in order to detect problems within the venting system. The N.F.P.A. procedure defines three levels of inspection according to the circumstances that “trigger” the need for the inspection. A Level I Inspection is the most basic type of inspection and used to determine if the fireplace is suitable […]

Pre-fabricated Fireplace Repair & Installation

At Burnie Fireplace Services, we specialize in all aspects of prefabricated fireplace repair including (but not limited to): internal / external replacement parts, construction defect repair, and installation of gas and wood burning factory built fireplaces for new construction, remodels, room additions, and more. We stock fireplaces and parts for the Majestic line of fireplaces. […]

Construction Defect Repair

Our team specializes in all aspects of pre-fabricated fireplace and chimney repair, including construction defect repair. These repairs can be performed on single and multi-family buildings. The construction, placement, chosen material, and other aspects of fireplaces have to adhere to certain regulations and building codes. If it has been determined that a fireplace or multiple […]