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Placement of hardware is extremely important. Stacking logs (as opposed to bundling them up) with proper spacing is important so that you can get the full effect of your fire. Also, when the kit is properly installed and spaced, there will be less carbon build up on the logs. Our recommendation is that you have the kit installed and tested by a qualified and certified fireplace technician.

SIZE MATTERS. Be careful about the size of the gas logs or burner that you choose (be sure to use our sizing template to assist you.)

If you have a masonry fireplace, most gas logs will fit without a problem. However, with a prefabricated metal fireplace (factory built), you must be careful about the size of the kit. In most cases, anything purchased from a ‘big box’ store (such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.) will usually have a burner pan that is too deep for the fireplace.

The logs we carry are designed to fit even shallow prefabricated systems. It is always disappointing to the customer and our technician when an installation of the customer’s gas logs doesn’t work out and a second appointment must be scheduled. This can be quite an inconvenience for you, especially in the busy season when you may have already waited several weeks for your appointment and are itching to use your new logs!

We highly recommend you consult with us prior to purchasing gas log and glass kits from anywhere. We would be happy to direct you.

In California, the code requires that the damper be fixed in an open position if gas logs, decorative glass or similar product is installed in the fireplace. THIS IS A CODE REQUIREMENTS THAT IS BASED ON SAFETY. The byproduct of burning gas is carbon monoxide. With the damper fixed in an open position, that eliminates the possibility of you forgetting to open it when you want to have a fire.

The chimney should be swept. If you’re changing fuels from wood to gas, the creosote and soot should be removed from the fireplace system. The main reason is that the creosote is still potentially hazardous, even if you are just burning gas. Another reason is that you don’t want any of the creosote in your system to soil your new logs.

There are many reasons for a smoking chimney and/or fireplace. Visit our Got Smoke? tips page for more information.

The cost of a chimney sweep will vary by experience. A company who is certified will typically charge more for their services because they have been tested and passed qualifying exams that keep them up to date on relevant issues and code compliance.

In addition, some companies are licensed contractors and carry full liability insurance. There are only a few that carry these additional credentials and it is important to verify certifications, credentials, and licenses. This information can, in most cases, be verified on the internet.

Here at Burnie Fireplace Services, we find it extremely important to be knowledgable and apprised of all the current codes and requirements pertaining to fireplaces. These codes are in place for your protection and for the safety of your family. We absolutely have your peace and comfort in mind.

There is no regulation in the hearth industry holding chimney sweeps and other fireplace technicians to any standard. The industry has found a way to separate out those who desire to provide knowledgeable service to their customers. Being certified is one way to determine who has at least attempted to service their customers professionally and with fireplace knowledge to back it up.

In every industry, there are many companies who may charge less for an initial service call or inspection, and in turn make up for it on the repair end. We do not ever recommend repairs if they are not needed. Period. We always suggest that you save yourself some money if possible and not do things that aren’t necessary. We are a family run company and can appreciate the value of being frugal but not being cheap. There is a difference!

Manufacturers place a tag on the interior of the fireplace with the make, model (a combination of letters and numbers like TLC 42-3 or RD3800), and miscellaneous information about your specific fireplace. This information is very important when it comes to finding replacement parts.

In this instance, we recommend that you call a gas fireplace specialist to come out and inspect your unit.

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